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Treats for Troops~ Collecting November 3-12

Don't get stuck with piles of candy. Donate your excess candy to Soldiers' Angels Treats for Troops.

PTA Fundraiser- Read A Thon

We are excited to announce that Mary Martin Elementary will be participating in a school wide read-a-thon on Monday, November 8th. The Read-a-thon is designed to encourage students to read while raising funds for Mary Martin Elementary. We are encouraging students to get pledges from friends and family. Sponsors can do a per page pledge ($1, $.50/per page) or a flat donation. Be on the lookout for an email from 99pledges with a link to your child’s page or use the link below to find our fundraiser on 99pledges, then you can search by your students name for their pledge page. There will be a link for you to share their page with friends and family. While students may read more than 30 pages during the 20-minute read-a-thon, we are capping the per page pledges at 30 pages. Meaning if you pledge $1 per page and your child reads 42 pages you will only be charged $30 because we cap the pledge amount at 30 pages. For more information, please click on the headline.

How to Enroll in WISD_ Enrollment

Begin your child's love of learning in a Weatherford ISD school!

Welcome to Weatherford ISD! We are excited that you have chosen our district and we look forward to partnering with you to provide a great educational experience for your child. 

Please click "How to Enroll in WISD", above to begin your enrollment with WISD.

School Dismissal Manager... Download the App!

This is a friendly reminder that we use the School Dismissal Manager app. This allows each family time to log in to the system, download the app, and verify your child’s dismissal information. The directions for the new dismissal process are included in an email you received from School Dismissal Manager system. There are also videos on You Tube from the company if you would like more information on how it works.

We appreciate your patience during dismissal. With your help and cooperation, we are able to dismiss students safely from the homeroom classroom. We feel the dismissal app with be a great tool to add to our current dismissal process. Thank you for your time!

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COVID-19 Information for WISD Families

As we prepare to reopen schools for the 2020-2021 school year, Weatherford ISD will continue monitoring updates and guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and federal, state, and local officials related to COVID-19.

For information on COVID-19, including education rights & responsibilities, your child and face masks, and resources for families, please click on the headline.
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