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Welcome to the Martin Elementary Music Page! 
For information on Martin Musicals, please follow our Facebook group, Martin Musicals at
The best way to contact me is through email: [email protected]



What does my child’s PE/MUSIC grade mean? In PE and Music, we give multiple warnings before signing the book unless it is a major offense. Students in grades 2-6 see us for 45 minutes every other day, while students in grades K-1 go to PE and Music for 22 minutes each day. Because the time is so brief, signing the book during this time is rare. The expectation is that with reasonable behavior, your student would never have to sign the book - yay! Since no one is perfect and people have bad days, some may sign once and this is no cause for alarm. We ask for parent support with those who frequently disrupt class and whose behavior limits their success in PE and Music.

E - Student participates in class with positive attitude and follows behavior expectiations with little to no redirection.

S - Student requires moderate redirection and has signed the book at least once.

N - Student is not responding to redirection, has signed the book multiple times and behavior hinders success of the student and/or the students around him.


If we haven't gotten a chance to meet yet, I'd love to meet you! For those who don't know, here's a little bit about me...
I am a hometown girl! I graduated from WHS in 1989. I went to UNT to get my degree in music education. While I was there, I met my husband, Brent. Brent is the VP of advancement at Weatherford College and we have been married 21 years. We have 3 kids - Wilson (Junior at WHS) John Thomas (Freshman at WHS) and Hannah (5th grader here at Martin Elem!) Our whole family is musical and loud and weird and awesome : ) Brent and I enjoy being a part of the worship team at Trinity Bible Church. He plays bass and sings back up vocals and I sing.
Work experience: 
I taught in Brock for 5 years where I had a range of responsibilities. At one point, I was the entire fine arts department! I taught elementary music, middle  school and high school band and choir and high school theater! It was a good thing I was young and didn't have kids yet! After that, I chose to stay home to raise my kids. I kept my teaching chops up by forming a vocal studio and teaching private voice in my home for those 12 years. I was blessed to be able to re-enter public music education when this job came available at my kids' school. This will be my 6th year to teach at Martin and I absolutely love my job! 


Since I am in class most of the day, the best way to reach me is through email. I often have a hard time understanding the messages left on our teacher voicemail.
I will reply as quickly as possible. It will mostly likely be during my lunch break or after school because our teaching periods are fast paced and don't allow much time for administrative activities! My email is [email protected]
Thanks so much : )


The music room is looking for a few donations! If you have any of these items collecting dust around your house, we would LOVE to put them to good use!
- KEYBOARDS! - We are starting a keyboard lab and could use another 3-4 keyboards to make that happen. 
-IPADS OR IPAD MINIS! - If you have recently upgraded and have an old ipad or you would even be willing to donate one, they are AWESOME teaching tools in the music room! There are so many amazing apps for music education!
-COSTUMES! - Hats, wigs, masks, you name it! We can put your costumes to great use!
-STORAGE CONTAINERS! - From itsy bitsy to great big, I can use just about any storage container you could imagine