Welcome, MME Roos!!!
My name is Christina Davis and I am so exited to be the PE teacher here at Martin.  I am married to my husband, James, and we have 4 amazing children - Hannah and Lauren (our twins) , Kinleigh, and Bryson.  I am a hometown girl who grew up in Weatherford and moved away to the "big city" of Houston.  As quickly as I could, I moved my family back here where I am so blessed to work with AMAZING folks.  I absolutely LOVE being a PE teacher and I feel like I have the BEST job on the planet as I get to teach each and every student in our school!  My philosophy as a Physical Educator is to instill a healthy lifestyle in all kids and teach them that they can achieve it in fun and exciting ways.  My goal is for your kids to come in my gym excited, ready to learn new things, and leave with a great big, sweaty smile on their faces!!
Please like my Mary Martin PE Facebook page (@marymartinroospe) to get a glimpse of the AWESOME learnings going on in the gym throughout the year!
Things you need to know:
  • Students need to wear tennis shoes to PE and will come to my class every other day
  • If your child wears a skirt, please make sure shorts are worn underneath
  • Students get graded on 2 things - participation (demonstrating skills I teach them) and citizenship (participating appropriately)
  • Classes last 45 minutes and include a warmup, stretch/exercise, activity
  • My conference period is from 10:15 - 11:00 every day and the best way to get in touch with me is through email - [email protected]