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WISD Kindergarten Roundup | Tuesday, February 26 from 9-11 and 6-7:30 pm at all elementary campuses.

Mrs. Snyder's 5th Grade

I wish all 6th and upcoming 5th graders a wonderful summer! I look forward to meeting you for our 2017-2018 school year.
Mrs. Snyder

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Have a Great Summer

I hope all 6th and upcoming 5th graders have a wonderful summer! I look forward to meeting you for our 2017-2018 school year.
Mrs. Snyder

Green Screen in the classroom

This year we will be using green screen technology in our classroom.  The program we will use will be Doink.  It is a free app that can be downloaded onto an ipad.  If you have the technology available at home you are more than welcome to explore it. Below I will post a link to a short how to.  I am sure the kids will know more than I do by the end of this first six weeks.

Spelling List 4


List 4

Using the Right Word

  1. soar
  2. sore
  3. stationary
  4. stationery
  5. steel
  6. steal
  7. then
  8. than
  9. threw
  10. through
  11. their
  12. they’re
  13. there
  14. capital
  15. capitol
  16. close
  17. clothes
  18. dye
  19. die
  20. desert
  21. dessert
  22. course
  23. coarse



Extra Credit:

  1. do
  2. due
  3. dew
  4. scent
  5. sent
  6. cent

Idoim Dress Up Day this Friday!

We are beginning to review figurative language this week.  On Friday, students will be asked to dress up as their favorite idiom,  We will Skype with Austin Elementary to share our creativity;enjoy some good laughs; and open up discussions with fellow students across the district.  If you need ideas, the internet has many great examples for students.  Enjoy searching.  I can't wait to see what they come up with!

September/October Book Report

Students will be selecting their book report book this week.  Books will be approved by Mrs. Snyder.  Students will have plenty of time to complete their book.  Please be sure your child is reading their book nightly for homework reading time.
Looking forward to tomorrow.  There is a buzz in our home tonight.  Everyone is excited and having a tough time falling asleep. :)

Have a Wonderful Summer!

I hope you all have a wonderful relaxing summer!  Can't wait to meet all of our new kiddos.