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Exciting Learning is Going on in Quest!!  




Quest is an academic placement based on the educational needs of the students who have been tested and identified using a preponderance of evidence.


  The district program provides a differentiated curriculum focused on project-based learning to meet the needs of our gifted students.  Students engage in activities designed to challenge and empower them so they become self-directed thinkers, researchers, and communicators by providing opportunities to become future-ready contributors in a progressive society.    Students are provided a learning environment where depth and complexity are the focus in both individual and group settings. 


The goals of the program are:


         to modify the depth, complexity, and pacing of curriculum and instruction to meet the
           needs of gifted students.
         - to provide a learning continuum to reinforce the strengths, needs, and interests of gifted
         - to encourage community and family participation.  
         - to provide enhanced learning experiences allowing gifted students
         - to develop innovative products and performances that reflect individuality and creativity
           and are advanced in relation to students of similar age.


I work on three campuses during the week.  If you need to visit with me, the best way to get in touch is by email.  You may also call me at the following locations.


Schedule and contact information:


Martin:  Monday/Wednesday/Thursday  817-598-2910 ext: 4756

Curtis:   Monday/Tuesday  817-598- 2838 ext: 4566                  
Crockett: Tuesday/Friday  817-598-2811