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Dear Parents,

In an effort to ease traffic concerns, and keep our children as safe as possible, we have worked in conjunction with the city of Weatherford to move our drop off and pick up back to the rear of the building. When the school was built 18 years ago, we had plenty of parking and room for traffic. However, with several new housing additions, we have outgrown the drive thru and the streets! Please see the map.

Only daycares and buses are allowed in the front drive-thru. All parent vehicle drive thru drop-offs and pick-ups will be in the back of the school. Enter the back drive thru from Silverstone, one way only. PLEASE stay in the left lane and move with the traffic flow to the next available space when it is vacant. Do NOT block the crosswalk when stopping. As soon as you drop-off or pick-up your child(ren), you may exit through the right lane. The right lane is for THRU traffic ONLY. You may NOT stop inthe right lane to drop-off or pick-up children. This will keep the traffic moving. Please have your children enter and exit the vehicle from the driver’s side if at all possible.