Olgin, Danica » Welcome!


Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself, My name is Danica Olgin and this is my 14th year to teach at Mary Martin, and I absolutely LOVE everything about Mary Martin. I feel privileged to work among such kind and caring teachers, administrators, and staff. All the faculty and staff are a joy to be around, and especially the students. 3rd grade is a very important grade and with some hard work and dedication, our 3rd graders will become successful 4th graders. As they embark on their journey in 3rd grade, they will face challenges which will require working hard to complete their journey. I have complete faith in each of my students. Our mission is to work hard to be successful in 3rd grade. I look forward to watching my 3rd graders grow into wonderful 4th graders. I am anxious to teach many more years of 3rd grade! I am also fortunate to work with such incredible teammates. We epitomize what it's like to work truly as a team and help all of our students achieve success and strive for academic excellence. 3rd grade is a challenging year, but with some hard work and dedication, I am confident that my students will be prepared for 4th grade. I have lived in Weatherford for 17 years. I have 3 boys, Zayne (19), Jagger (13), and Maxxon (8). Zayne is a Sophomore at Weatherford College. Jagger is 13 years old and is in 7th grade at Tison. Maxxon "Maxx" is 8 years old and will be in 3rd at Mary Martin this year.